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Sunshades can be used in both residential and commercial premises. They can provide you with UV exposure protection, functionality, a unique look to your building and thermal comfort. Moreover, they present users with an economical shield against the harsh summer sun. 


Canopies are designed to present users with ease of use, functionality and a visually appealing and economical way to protect yourself from the sun during outdoor summer activities. We offer our clients a selection of versatile options at our store.

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Canvas shades are known for their durability when it comes to exposure to the wind, rain and sun. they are much tougher than regular materials and can withstand harsh weather and wear and tear thanks to the durable water repellent material used.



Canopies and awnings made from flexible PVC are strong, easy to store and durable. Moreover, we at  Caruana Sunshades & Canopies Ltd can present you with a wide array of waterproof fabrics, styles and designs to suit your taste.


Thanks to our selection of tents you will be able to accommodate a large number of guests during events and functions. These tents can be used in both summer and winter and will present you with extra room for decorating, protection from undesirable weather and extra space for your guests.